Best boutiques to visit.

Best boutiques to visit.

Blush boutique has many items to choose from, the prices are very affordable and there are 4 Miami locations. More to come once I visit and asses the quality and service encountered. Praying its as good as I believe. Xo


Expressing yourself is healthy…Espresso is healthy too..Or esspresso martini is the cure.

Its been a long time since I posted on my blog, I’m back and have a lot to express.  Lets start with my relationship status: Single. And not ready to mingle. I am so sick and tired of men and there pathetic games. I am honest, do not cheat, have and give respect to others, I can be a bitch, (but really you boys know you like that from time to time), and love and support my guy. Evidently my age was a factor, I am 34 he is 40. I thought that was a lame excuse, I knew there was more to it than that, I forced it out of him and an exhausting hour later it was done. After all the great things we talked about, the possible future, everything we both were looking for. Then its over. I felt lied to and used, I cried, then got myself together and am moving forward, again for the 9 billionth time. He also said he was developing feelings for me..Why would someone throw that away?? If something feels right go with it! Disturbing on so many levels. I will never understand fully why.

Tattooed Models are the new “it” girls.


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House of Bombshell would like to introduce Bombshell Models. Female tattooed models for everything fashion, private events, bar or club promotions, and music videos. I hand select only the most classy gorgeous tattooed models in South Florida and make them available for everything fashion. This is only the beginning of what will be a fashion revolution.

Is being a bitch the way of 2013?

In this day and age being a nice girl all the time won’t get you far. It will get you tagged as the girl with no voice. I used to be very quiet and shy. I would never speak up and do whatever it took to get unnoticed, except with my clothing style, that was my voice. This post is to encourage woman that it is OK to be a bitch and speak up. You are giving yourself a voice and letting the world know there is a fine line that know body should cross. Love yourself, Be who are and never let anyone bring you down because of immature jealously. Be honest and true to yourself and stay strong for who YOU are. Be authentic.